Investor passes to attend Mining Journal Select London 2019 are complimentary; however these are reserved for investors, financiers and corporate development professionals with the primary function of investing in/providing funding to mining companies and projects.

  • Institutions included in this function may include private equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices, commodity traders, asset managers and wealth managers.

  • Complimentary passes are also available for private investors with liquid financial assets of more than GBP £1 million, and research analysts covering mining corporates and who are employed by recognised financial institutions.

  • Sell-side professionals representing investment banks, financial advisories and brokers are not eligible for complimentary passes.

If you are an investor or analyst and would like to apply for a pass to attend the event, please follow the Investor path when registering. Your application will be reviewed by the organisers and you will be notified of your status within five business days. Please note that you may be required to provide evidence of your status as an investor or analyst as part of your registration.

ResourceStocks Registration

Important Note

Your registration does not guarantee acceptance as an investor until your application is processed.

All completed applications will be reviewed and subject to approval from the Mining Journal Select Events Team.