Nordic Nickel Ltd
Company Profile (100 Words)

Nordic Nickel Limited is an ASX-listed nickel developer holding a district-scale landholding of highly prospective nickel sulphide tenements in the world-class Central Lapland Greenstone Belt (CLGB) of Finland.
Our strategy is to become a major supplier of sustainably sourced, traceable, class 1 nickel sulphides for the rapidly growing battery cell manufacturing sector in Europe.

Nordic Nickel’s nickel sulphide exploration program is focussed on two key projects, the flagship Pulju Project and the Maaninkijoki 3 Project and a 22,000m, 14 month diamond drilling campaign has now commenced at the Pulju Project.

Brief overview of your project (150 Words Max)

Our exploration activities at our flagship Pulju Project are designed to progress two core strategies, namely:
1. Discover significant high-grade massive nickel sulphide deposits associated with known disseminated mineralisation at the Hotinvaara Prospect, and elsewhere along the Pulju Belt.
2. Expand the known near-surface disseminated nickel Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) at the Hotinvaara Prospect and undertake a preliminary evaluation of the potential for commercial exploitation.
A 22,000m, 14 month diamond drilling campaign has now commenced at Pulju.
At our second project, the Maaninkijoki Project we are undertaking intial geophysics to prepare for an upcoming drilling campaign.

What is unique about your project (150 - Words Max)

Our exploration tenements are located in a region of known nickel mineralisation which is the same ultramafic lithology as the near-by Sakkati Deposit that was discovered and is being developed by Anglo American.
What is unique about our flagship Pulju Project is there has already been >15,000m of shallow diamond drilling, 10,000m of which was at the Hotinvaara Prospect where we are now undertaking a 22,000m drilling campaign testing multiple EM conductors. After re-logging and re-assaying the drilling at Hotinvaara we completed our maiden Mineral Resources Estimate of 133Mtn for 278,500tn contained Ni and 12,500tn contained cobalt. All historical drilling ended around 250m and initial results from the drill campaign indicate that mineralisation continues to at least 1000m.
We are focussed on a dual exploration strategy of 1) increasing the size of the known near-surface disseminated nickel mineralisation and 2) exploring for high-grade "Sakkati Style" massive sulphides at depth.

What highlights or announcements are you planning in the next 12 months? (150 - Words Max): Our 22,000m diamond drill program has commenced and will continue for 14 months with constant news flow.