Metalla Royalty & Streaming
Company Profile (100 Words)

Metalla is a precious metals royalty and streaming company. Metalla provides shareholders with leveraged precious metal exposure through a diversified and growing portfolio of royalties and streams. Our strong foundation of current and future cash-generating asset base, combined with an experienced team gives Metalla a path to become one of the leading gold and silver companies for the next commodities cycle. For further information, please visit our website at

Brief overview of your project (150 Words Max)

In 6 years, Metalla has completed 31 transactions, deploying US$170M to amass a portfolio of 84 royalties and streams. Our strategy to focus on acquiring royalties on projects that are owned and operated by tier one counterparties (First Majestic, Agnico Eagle, Newmont, Barrick, Teck, Pan American Silver, Kirkland Lake, St Barbara etc.) from third party holders in bilateral transactions has enabled us to deliver an attractive CAGR since inception in 2016. We have significant growth built into our portfolio with at least one asset transitioning from development to production each year for the next decade or more.

What is unique about your project (150 - Words Max)

We target assets that we have a high degree of confidence will be the recipient of significant exploration/development expenditure paid for by counterparties that have the balance sheet strength to advance our assets toward and into production. For these reasons, we believe we still have a significant growth ahead both organic and through ongoing M&A.

What highlights or announcements are you planning in the next 12 months? (150 - Words Max): After a brief transaction hiatus, Metalla is ramping up on the deal front, moving several new royalty acquisitions forward.